About Metronix, Inc.

Metronix has been providing enterprise-leading procurement services since 1980. We are a single source provider of products relating to the healthcare industry, maintenance, repair and operating supplies (MRO), kitchen equipment and supplies, and fitness equipment. We have the capability and resources to source practically any type of product, as well as handle all aspects of logistics.

In addition to the full range of products, we can supply. We have joint-venture with industry-leading manufacturers to custom build ambulances and other specialized vehicles ranging from armored vehicles, mobile command vehicles, expandable trailers, as well as customized utility vehicles.

Our dedicated team of professionals have over 75 years of international sales experience and have contributed over $250 million in sales.

Procurement Services

Metronix has spent decades building relationships with manufacturers within the global marketplace. Through these partnerships we have established reliable and cost-efficient procurement channels, which we utilize to acquire and export high-quality products.

Our experience-backed services ensure honest and efficient delivery of a variety of goods and services in the arena of:

Ambulances & Specialized Vehicles

Metronix has established joint-ventures with industry leading manufacturers to produce custom ambulances and specialized vehicles.


Since 2003, Metronix has been providing logistical support and supplies to support the military efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Qatar.  Through our network partners, we have supplied multimillion dollars’ worth of products and services to the U.S. Military, Coalition Forces, and contractors such as CACI, KBR, Flour, Agility/PWC, ITT and Vectrus.


Export Management

For over 35 years, Metronix has successfully worked with manufacturers to promote their products in the Middle East, Asia, South and Central America. With our extensive market knowledge and network of contacts, we have the resources to streamline the procurement process.









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