Since 2003, Metronix has provided millions of dollars of goods and services to the U.S. Military, Coalition Forces, and contractors such as the California Analysis Center, Inc., KBR, Flour, and Agility Public Warehouse Company. As a proud American corporation, we strive to do our part to service these organizations, and in doing so, enhance our country’s global efforts.

Our premiere projects include establishing quick-serve food facilities for military bases in Iraq and Kuwait, providing bases with guard towers and guard booths, MRO related items, armored vehicles, and ambulances

A few missions we are proud of:

  • Managed procurement of medical supplies for healthcare of stationed military personnel overseas.
  • Delivering of pre-fabricated residential, office, and restroom structures to remote bases with very limited access to proper accommodations.
  • Provided ready to use laundry facilities, providing access to clean clothing and linens.
  • Furnished recreational facilities with gym equipment, providing means to exercise and stay healthy.
  • Supplied and commissioning aircraft hangers, housing and protecting essential government vehicles.
  • Handled the procurement of ambulances for U.S. Military base in Kuwait and Iraq.

We strive to serve and provide logistical support and supplies for military units stationed in Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait, and Afghanistan.