Export Management

Entering into the international marketplace has extreme potential for both growth opportunities and revenue generation. However, if you lack the industry knowledge to tactfully enter into an unknown country, you could be putting yourself, and your business, at risk.


If your company is seeking to expand into new markets, create new product distribution channels, or introduce your goods and services to new customers, Metronix can help you along the way. We have over 35 years of success in working with manufactures to promote their products in the Middle East, Asia, and South and Central America. Our market knowledge and vast experience allows you to push the boundaries of your business’s reach into new territories.


Partnering with Metronix provides you with the peace of mind that each transaction will run smoothly. While independently seeking to purchase goods from overseas vendors and pose a threat to your organization, Metronix has the industry reach to ensure all procurements are successfully executed. We work with you to act as a liaison into the international marketplace, giving you the competitive edge needed to establish your brand as a player in the global community.


We work with organizations across various sizes and multiple industries.